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See why thousands of women love the Būband.

The Būband is “one of the highest-rated support systems on the internet” (Outside Magazine) because it “beats boob bounce for good” (Women’s Running). How? “The Būband goes over an ordinary sports bra and provides extra compression to turn it into a super mega sports bra: no bounce, ever.” (Lifehacker)

To ensure it’s effective AND comfortable, the Būband’s fabric is 20% Spandex and 80% Supplex – a soft, fast-drying, high-performance fabric that won’t chafe. It’s fastened with three rows of hook and eyes – just like a bra – giving you plenty of sizing options. Our XS to XL sizes fit AA to L cups.

100% satisfaction guarantee

Still not convinced? Our 100% satisfaction guarantee: if you don’t love your Būband, we’ll give you a full refund.
Now that’s risk-free shopping!

Made by women for women, locally and ethically in Canada.

To care for your Būband, machine wash in cold and lay flat to dry.

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Sizing Chart

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Sizing chart
Size Inches Centimeters
XS 31-34" 79-86cm
S 32-36" 81-91cm
M 35-39" 89-99cm
L 37-42" 94-107cm
XL 41-46" 104-117cm
How to measure

Because the Būband fits differently than a bra, proper sizing is key to its success.
Wearing your bra, wrap the measuring tape somewhat loosely around the fullest part of
your breasts, keeping the tape parallel to the floor. Round to the nearest whole number.


From the start, the Būband was developed with change in mind. Like many women, I experienced breast pain during exercise and had to resort to wearing two bras in a bid to beat the bounce. I wanted to offer women something that really worked to prevent this painful breast bounce, but that was totally different than what currently existed on the market. Nothing else was solving my problem! To me, it just made sense – hold the breasts down, don’t lift them up, if you want to stop the bounce.

Since 2014, we have been celebrating women of all shapes and sizes, providing stellar customer service, and delivering a quality product that gives women the support they need. Throughout it all, comfort, effectiveness and performance remain at the core.

My commitment to the Būband – and our customers – is unwavering and I aim to make choices that clearly define who we are and what we’re about. Like partnering with a women-owned and operated manufacturer to locally and ethically produce the Būband, personally responding to customer emails and social media posts, and offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee (it’s not a gimmick, it’s a promise.). I look forward to helping you reach your goals – even if they’re as simple as not falling out of your yoga top during downward dog!

We didn’t just improve support, we changed it altogether.

Lynne Koziey
Founder & CEO
BounceLab Ltd.


See what people are saying about the Būband™

"This is seriously a game changer and I, in all honesty, was not expecting that. I am a J cup in most sports bra brands and an L cup for my regular bras. When I first had it delivered to the office, the girls and I were so excited to try it, I put it on over my regular bra. There. Was. No. Bounce. None. Zip. It was amazing. I run long distance, cycle and do Krav Maga; always active and have always struggled with the bounce or having to wear multiple bras.
No more. I am hereby a convert to the Būband!"
Heather Rogers 

"I just wanted to say thank you for your amazing product. My sister and I were skeptical but went ahead and ordered from Australia to see if it would work. Put the band on the moment it arrived in the mail and gave it the jump test. Wow. Amazing. E cups, while supported by a good sports bra are ok, but this stopped the dreaded top bits from bouncing about. Totally amazed. My sister, who is breastfeeding, put it to the burpee test: Sold.
It takes away from the sometimes embarrassing bouncy movements and gives us confidence
to get on with exercise without a thought to multiple bras."
Maree Evans

"The Būband is awesome, awesome! For the first time in my life my large chest (G-H cup) is totally supported. No more bra customization or triple compression layering needed. Take that Body Attack class! I'll be there minus the embarrassing bounce! I actually find myself checking for my Būband,
like I do my wallet. I'd be lost without it!"
Vanessa Pollett Mellios

"The Būband has literally has changed my life. The second I put it on I could feel the difference. I never liked running because even the best sports bras would never prevent the bounce or would push up, and I would often wear a tank with a built-in bra and a sports bra to hold my chest in place. I have worked in the sportswear industry for years and have never seen a product like this. The Būband will change the life of women everywhere!"
Jennifer Perry
Puma North America

"You do not have to put up with the bounce, the ache and the embarrassment anymore. We at the nest have tested the Būband. It is nothing short of life changing. We just can't understand how we have lived without it?"
Running Bird

"I want to thank you on behalf of all big-busted ladies. You have revolutionized the way we exercise by allowing us to perform exercises that we normally wouldn’t do because the bounce is painful. Even jumping jacks! So again, a BIG thank you! I placed an order earlier this week and I have already received my order. Such amazing customer service!"
Jennifer Tombs

"I am so unbelievably impressed with the Būband. My first workout with the Būband was a total game changer! The Būband completely eliminates bounce, no matter how hard you are working/jumping/running. My performance level has increased 10 fold. I had no idea how distracted and self-conscious I was, or how limited I had previously felt because of the breast bounce/pain. With my Būband on, I am killing it during each workout. Which in turn has given me tremendous results and way more confidence. I had no idea how much this product was going to change me, but I am grateful. Your product is literally changing my goals, pushing me harder and seriously building my confidence."
Kim Marie Richardson

“This is genius. Everyone I know who is active would like this. I didn't even remember I was wearing it.”
Trisha Lees

"I just wanted to say thank you for an amazing product. Fits perfectly and makes me feel secure doing any activity. Postage was quick and I was incredibly happy with the lack of packaging, good on you for being environmentally friendly. I absolutely love the Būband and will recommend it to everyone!"
Amanda Benstead

"I just put the Būband to the Zumba test. My first impression of the product: the clasps are pretty hard core! For the amount of movement I knew I'd be putting this band through, nothing but those sturdy clasps would have held up. They're seriously amazing. While I worked out, the band did a fantastic job of doing exactly as it promised. I wore one of my lower-support sports bras to test it out further. The band didn't move, it wasn't extremely noticeable, and it was comfortable. You felt the compression, but you get used to that quickly. I don't know why this isn't a staple in everyone's workout wardrobe! I can finally exercise comfortably again. Thank you for such a great product. I seriously love it."
Erica Natasia Kuzmicz

"I'm a 34G. Since wearing the Būband, I have eliminated the excruciating pain of 'the bounce.' Prior to buying a Būband, I tried every "high impact" sports bra on the market, even the ludicrously priced, hideously Victorian Enell bra. Nothing worked or supported. The Būband really makes a difference."
Liz MacRae

"I will admit to being slightly skeptical that this strip of elastic would work, but I was willing to try anything. The Būband arrived fairly quickly and I hastily tried it on. Well! What a difference. By holding the girls down (which is something no bra does), the Būband virtually eliminates bounce. I was concerned that it would ride up and chafe under the arms, but it stays perfectly still. It goes over any bra, and I have even worn it just out of sight under a strapless dress that I normally can't wear a bra with, just to keep the girls streamlined!!
E. J. Bryant

"I have struggled to find sports bras which give me sufficient support. I don't have massive breasts (38C-ish) but found that they became uncomfortable on long runs even wearing ultra-impact absorber bras. I have jumped up and down in numerous changing rooms and still found the bounce is there even with the more expensive bras. So when I heard about this I jumped at the chance to try it. It makes SUCH a difference. I am never without it when running now. I went for the large and will probably buy a medium if I continue losing weight (when!). It holds my breasts firmly but not uncomfortably and it's easy to get on and off, with adjustable tightness too. It's made from good quality material. I'm very happy with the Būband!"
Liz Berry

"A total game changer! I am a large-chested women (32GG) and I do high impact workouts and Martial Arts everyday. It has always been a problem for me but the Būband has fixed everything, no bounce and no pain.
I love this and will buy another."

"I work ground crew for Missouri Southern State University. The professional mowers lack a lot in suspension and the grounds can be very rough. I mow over 20 acres each week and as a DD cup this can be very painful! I ordered the Būband (to wear at work) and am very happy with this product. It does exactly as advertised."
Kasie Thompson

"Today I went on an enjoyable jog and forgot all about the premenstrual soreness I had – I haven't enjoyed running since I was a B cup (I'm now an F cup). This band saved room in my luggage, and as someone who has had many bumpy bus, boat, and tuk tuk rides, I will never travel without one again. It's quick, it's relatively inexpensive and more functional than other sports bras.
Really, this thing is magical."

“If you’re anything like me, you find that working out can be painful if you have a large chest. But if you want to work out virtually bounce-free, check out the Būband! Seriously ladies, your ladies will thank you. It will change the way you work out; it's been a total game changer for me.”
Shawna Achtymichuk

“I’m the mom of a 1-year old and am currently 5 months pregnant with baby #2. I recently ran a race wearing the Būband. I had all the support I needed! I didn’t move around at all and as soon as I took it off, I wanted it back on. It was so cozy. There was no chaffing, rubbing or folding. The material is high quality and comfortable and the product truly feels great on!”
Nicole Marquez

"I have ginormous hooters. Hs. Thanks to breastfeeding and nature. And I have given up running because no nursing bra can hold them back. I saw these advertised on Facebook and saw how deftly Būband naysayed the naysayers and figured it was worth a try. I believed the science that they wouldn't smash or damage the lady humps and forked over my money. When I got the band, I went right to work trying it. GUYS, I FORGOT I HAD BOOBS!! For the first time in like EVER, I went running and didn't feel the weight of the world trying to get the girls to touch my knees. I went mountain biking, too, and I flew over bumps and around corners and felt light, fast, thin, and flat. Do I recommend this if you are she-beast wanting to get after it and save the pain and money of a breast reduction? HELL YES I DO.
Kristin T. Horowitz

"Having just purchased a Būband, I would 100 per cent recommended it. On my runs since receiving it, my breasts feel so supported. I'm totally in love with it!"
Debra Ann Ashley
Bootye’s Ladies Running Club

"OMG thank you!! I just wore my Būband for the first time over the top of my 5-year-old, slightly-too-small-for-me nursing bra (kept from my first baby) and went for a jog on the treadmill. I didn't even think about my boobs the whole time! Proof you don't need a super sports bra to get the benefit out of Būband."
Karen Wilson

"This Canadian-made product just made my whole life better!
It REALLY works! (Where was this when I was 20?!)"
Colette Raymond

"I've really been enjoying the Būband. I’ve worn it to run in and to play soccer. I really like the fact that it helps to eliminate the bounce and stress on your boobs when you are running or being active. I think that it's well made – I haven't gotten any chafing from the material. It really stays in place when you wear it!
Ashly Hay
Runners Sole

“Amazing! The Būband worked very well to reduce bounce. I didn't spend time
adjusting my boobs while working out.”
Kristen Holm

“I'm a mom of two VERY active boys and can't say enough good things about the Būband! As an extended nurser I was having an impossible time finding support that would allow for cardio activities without pain and difficulty. The Būband is perfect for nursing moms who need the ability to adjust for fluctuating sizes AND is comfortable enough to wear throughout nursing at any stage. I can't recommend this product enough for moms wanting to get back out there and get active after having little ones!”
Andrea Arient

"My friend and I tried our Būbands out at an indoor trampoline park; this was an activity we certainly would not have enjoyed without them. We were incredibly impressed. I have also been running
on the treadmill comfortably for the first time in my life."
Ashley Rees

“This is such a fabulous product! As a nursing mom, I was hesitant to get back into my fitness routine. Running just did not feel good. Once I found the Būband, all of that changed! I was able to run and jump so comfortably! It was well worth it and I absolutely love it."
Nicole Zacharias
Beachbody Coach

“I think the Būband does an excellent job of providing support and reducing bounce. It’s comfortable and well constructed The Būband is also a much cheaper option than having to continually purchase expensive sports bras, which seem to wear out after only 6 months of use.”
Dr. Sally Sukut

"We tried the Būband and loved it! We were impressed with the high quality of the fabric and overall construction of the product. It fit true to size and was comfortable to wear.
It will definitely be a part of our regular workout routines!
Nadine Kallen

"The Būband provides a sense of freedom while exercising. Instead of focusing on the bounce, I’m able to focus on posture and can complete a workout routine much more effectively.
The Būband is a game changer."
Andrea Dunn

Shipping and Handling

All orders are sent from Canada via Canada Post. We recommend choosing either Tracked Package
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Regular Post: $10. No tracking included (12-15 business days)
Tracking: $40. Tracking and insurance included (14 business days)
Speedy Delivery: Rates for international expedited shipping cost significantly more
than the Būband itself, however if you’re still interested in paying to have your Būband
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If you live anywhere within Canada or the United States, we offer a flat shipping rate
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For international shipments, we offer a flat rate of $14 if you buy two or more Būbands.

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Full Refunds
We’re confident that once you try your Būband, you’ll love it as much as we do. However, if for any reason you’re not completely happy with it, please send it back and we will happily provide you with a full refund. It's that simple.

Easy Exchanges
If you would simply like to exchange your Būband for a different size, we can do that too! Please send the Būband back with a note (or you can email info@buband.com) indicating what size you would prefer
and we’ll exchange it for you free of charge.

Please send returns or exchanges to:
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