We didn’t just improve support, we changed it altogether.

From the beginning, the Būband was designed to revolutionize support. Founder and CEO Lynne Koziey was among the scores of women who doubled up on sports bras in a bid to beat the bounce – and the breast pain. She knew what the market was missing: a product to hold breasts down, not push them up. With that, the Būband was born.

Driven by women

Since 2014, the Būband has been celebrating women of all ages, shapes and sizes. We partner with a local women-owned-and-operated manufacturer to ethically produce the Būband. Lynne personally responds to customer emails and social media posts, and all customers are entitled to a 100% money-back guarantee if they don’t love their Būband. Try it, and see for yourself.

What our fans are saying

This is seriously a game changer, which I was not expecting (I’m an L cup and run long distance). I was so excited when the Būband arrived, I put it on over my regular bra. There. Was. No. Bounce. None. Zip. No more wearing multiple bras!

Heather Rogers


How have I lived without this for so many years and hundreds of miles of running with a 38DD bra size? This item is a miracle and I will never, ever run without it again – it's making a huge difference in my training. Fabulous product!

Brittany Dreger

Ironman Triathlete

I don't know why this isn't a staple in everyone's workout wardrobe! I can finally exercise comfortably. For the amount of movement I knew I'd be putting it through, nothing but those sturdy clasps would have held up. The Būband does exactly as promised.

Erica Kuzmicz

Zumba Dancer

I have been running comfortably for the first time in my life, thanks to the Būband. My friend and I also tried our Būbands out at an indoor trampoline park; this was an activity we certainly would not have enjoyed without them. We were incredibly impressed.

Ashley Rees


If you’re anything like me, you find that working out can be painful if you have a large chest. But if you want to work out bounce-free, check out the Būband! Seriously ladies, your ladies will thank you. It will change the way you work out.

Shawna Achtymichuk


I used to avoid certain activities so I wouldn't have to deal with my bigger chest. What a difference the Būband has made! Whether I'm going for a personal record in the snatch or doing burpees, I can now workout without distraction.

Andrea Signor

Weight Lifter

This is such a fabulous product! As a nursing mom, I was hesitant to get back into my fitness routine. Running just didn’t feel good. Once I found the Būband, all of that changed! I was able to run and jump so comfortably. I absolutely love it.

Nicole Zacharias


As a boxing instructor and marathon runner, I've struggled to find a bra that completely holds everything in place. With the Būband, I don't have
to worry about that – there's no bounce at all. Everything's secure!

Nancy Chen


I tried the Būband and loved it! I was impressed with the high quality of the fabric and overall construction of the product. It fit true to size and was comfortable to wear. It will definitely be a part of my regular workout routines!

Nadine Kallen


As a new mom, I had an impossible time finding support that would allow for cardio activities without pain and difficulty. The Būband is perfect for nursing moms who need to adjust for fluctuating sizes, and is comfortable enough to wear throughout nursing.

Andrea Arient


The Būband does what it promises: holds the breasts in place for running and other sports. There was a huge difference (with and without it). Night and day, actually. It’s a game changer for those of us who have had to wear more than one sports bra at a time.

Paula Harer


I can’t start a workout without my Būband. I finally feel supported and contained during my workouts, which I haven’t felt with a sports bra alone. I’m also impressed with the quality of the material as well as how well the Būband washes up.

Shantel Dayment

Mixed Martial Artist

I’m absolutely a fan of this product. I didn’t have any pain while running on the treadmill. I also tried some jumping jacks and I was so happy my chest was held down in place. It was the most amazing feeling! I’ll be telling everyone about this product.

Aricka Ford


I haven’t comfortably done a jumping jack for years! The Būband really does deliver on its promise to keep the girls in place while exercising – it did not shift AT ALL. Washes up easily and dries quickly so I can use it every day! Love this product.

Melissa Watt


The Būband is an absolute life saver – there is no more bounce or pain! It’s so comfortable to wear and works over any sports bra. Even in very high-impact sports, I am completely supported. I’m so happy to support such an amazing company and product!

Romaine Jarman


As an avid runner, I have a goal to run throughout my entire pregnancy. The Būband will allow that to happen. I started wearing it at 20 weeks pregnant – it’s perfect! I can run comfortably in my current sports bras. No bounce, no pain!

Rebecca Morin