Brand Ambassadors


Kristin Tara Horowitz
California Central Coast 

To say that Kristin leads a full, active and engaged life is like saying it occasionally gets a tad warm in the Sahara Desert.

The new mom (of twin girls) is the production manager for an adventure event business, which handles everything from adventure and obstacle course races to triathlons and marathons. She also runs two climbing gyms – the United States’ first non-profit bouldering gym model – which she and her husband literally built with their own hands. 



Odette Vuletich
Sydney, Australia

Odette lives the beachside life most of us can only imagine. But it took her a while – and a few stops along the way – to get there.

Born in New Zealand, she moved to Texas when she was 19, then headed to London, England briefly before making her way back to Texas. But when it came time to move a little closer to her family, she decided Sydney would make the perfect place to call home.


Liz MacRae
Maidstone, Kent, UK

Liz has no trouble running a marathon – as long as it’s in France and there’s a glass of wine waiting for her at the finish line.

In fact, this Francophile manages to find time between her career as a Food and Nutrition teacher, her work as a freelance Zumba instructor and her various running endeavours to visit France every six weeks.