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I have a climbing gym in an area that doesn't entirely understand what it's for, and one of the ways my staff decided to reach out was to host a "YogaFest" with the byline: Yoga for Everyone (Yoga por Todos).

We did five different types of yoga, gave stuff away, had local friendly vendors, and showed people why yoga was awesome. I didn't really get it myself until I took it upon myself to go to every instructor's class so I would know what was going on in my gym.

I'm a bit of a spiritual hippy, but not in the traditional American yoga way, so I didn't understand that here was a place to unplug, focus on my own body, and move into places that were a little uncomfortable. I love being pushed to soreness in new ways and I love the vibe of our instructors. Basically, if I could afford to spend more time doing it, I'd be a regular devotee.

But alas, I have twin infants and a full work schedule so other fitness activities take priority. We are heading out to Cuba on a trip soon, so I've been training hard to get in shape to climb steep things in sweltering heat. Wish me luck!

YogaFest children's yoga

One of the best things about being the owner of a couple of climbing gyms that have yoga studios is that you are so much less self-conscious in classes than you normally would be. The first thing at YogaFest was a children's class. Usually both of my girls are keen to get into most things, but during this class, they only wanted to be held – which is what I did.

It turns out you can do a lot of yoga with a baby (including tree pose)! Plus, they make a nice counter weight. I might just be inspired enough to try a toddler yoga class at our gym and get rid of the excuses! 

Yoga for children

At times, I also had the chance to sit back when there were things I couldn't do holding a baby, and instead I just admired my staff for the wonderful atmosphere they set up and the energy of all these parents and kids doing yoga along with their instructor. My girls and I are looking forward to the next class! 

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