In our private Facebook group BounceLab, we interview amazing women from all walks of life. We recently interviewed Laura Tempesta, the founder of Bravolution, a global expert on sports bras and Nike’s former Sports Bra Innovation Director. This is a preview of our interview, which you can watch in its entirety in BounceLab.

Laura Tempesta knows a thing or two about breasts – specifically breasts that are moving a lot. In fact, she’s the only person in the world who has an Master's degree that was specifically designed to study the engineering, design, performance, and innovation of sports bras.

Now she spends her time travelling the globe and advising brands on how to make a better sports bra. So, yup, she knows her stuff and has a lot of opinions about why most bras just don’t make the cut.

“People don’t realize that bras are actually closer to footwear than they are to apparel. They have to fit next to skin the way footwear does, they have to support the way footwear does, and they’re made on molding machines the way footwear is,” Laura says.

“Then you have the added complication in that it needs to be a piece of equipment – a sports bra is as much of an under garment as it is a piece of equipment that protects you. It has to dampen movement without causing chafing, which is a bar that most sports bras don’t pass, it needs to be comfortable and perform by stopping movement, it needs to wick sweat. So it needs to do all of those things and hopefully still be kinda cute.”

A tall order? As any woman who has tried to find the perfect-fitting sports bra, the answer is, hell yeah. To make mattes worse, Laura says, every bra fits differently, and different bras should be worn for different activities.

But Laura's up to the challenge. As she says on her website, she wants to change the world, one poorly fitting sports bra at a time.

If you want to hear more and learn how to find the right sports bra for you, join BounceLab below to watch our interview with Laura. It's packed full of information you won't hear anywhere else.

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