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Lynne never thought she'd be spending her days supporting breasts, but life works in mysterious ways sometimes. This is her story:

Like many women, I struggled to find a sports bra that would provide the support I required, often wearing two at once in a (futile) bid to stop the painful bounce I experienced.

My background in journalism and communications never once hinted that in the future I would dedicate my days to boobs. All I knew was that it was important for me to own a business that was meaningful, that aligned with my values, and that empowered women. Who knew the Būband was the perfect fit?

Long before the Būband was officially launched, I wore my prototype throughout my pregnancy and breastfeeding, over my regular bra, and for everything from walks and runs to mountain biking and high-intensity interval training. I felt that if I loved it as much as I did, other women would, too. Eight years later and I'm still wearing it every day. I'm thrilled that so many other women are too.

But the Būband isn’t just a business for me, it’s a community of engaged, empowered, amazing women who I’ve met online and in person. The connections I've experienced through this community come in many forms, including heartfelt emails from users who are running comfortably for the first time in their lives or from athletes who tell me they've improved their performance 10-fold, thanks to the Būband. This is why I do what I do.

Beyond my personal reasons, the market is ready for this solution. Current trends in the sports bra industry include the growth of competitive running among women, athleisure and compression gear. Manufacturers are scrambling to perfect the sports bra, a garment that is so hooked into cultural stereotypes and that has such a lengthy and contradictory list of requirements, it consistently fails to work for everyone. Thankfully, the Būband only has one job – add extra support/compression to any bra, any size, any woman – and it does it well.

Thankfully, the Būband only has one job – add extra support/compression to any bra, any size,
any woman – and it does it well.

Without a viable alternative, many women have simply accepted painful breast bounce as something that must be endured, have doubled-up on sports bras, taped their breasts, or – as is the case for 1 in 5 women of all cup sizes – avoided physical activity altogether because of their breasts.

I get it: a simple band that prevents breast bounce isn't going to change the world, and that's okay. It has helped thousands of women change a part of their world, and that's what matters. I want women to want to move their bodies, to be able to exercise without pain, in comfort and to their full abilities, without limitation. This should be a given.

Thank you for the phenomenal community you have allowed me to be a part of. I look forward to continuing our journey! #bBetterTogether

 Lynne Koziey is the Founder and CEO of BounceLab Ltd., the company behind the Būband.

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