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Welcome to our first blog post!

We wanted to create this blog as another way to connect with all of you, members of the online community we’re growing every day. This blog will share stories not only about our brand, but also about issues and topics that aim to interest, inspire and empower you.

We know the Būband is great for putting an end to breast bounce, but for us, it’s also so much more. It’s about the ability to pursue your goals – even if they’re as simple as not falling out of your yoga top during downward dog! It’s about the ability to focus on the freedom of running, the exhilaration of martial arts or the intensity of CrossFit rather than on the pain and discomfort experienced without the Būband.

We regularly receive messages from women who are now running comfortably for the first times in their lives, from teenage girls who now have the confidence to leap higher in their dance class, and from athletes who have increased their performance tenfold thanks to the Būband. We’re also learning about new research as it relates to our health and about trends that affect the way we eat, sleep and exercise. We want to share those – and other – stories with you.

So please stay tuned! We have plenty of exciting posts planned, including profiles of women just like you who are on their own unique, exhilarating journeys. Let’s do this together!

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