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It's easy to get in a rut and become bored with your exercise routine. Workout laziness sets in and you end up going through the motions without enthusiasm or energy. But trying “weird workout” fitness activities can pump some life back into your workouts while challenging you to think outside the box!

Ready to get started? Here are some weird and crazy workouts that work:

Weird Cardio Workouts 

Games + Cardio = Workout
LazRfit is a team workout using laser guns, a maze and obstacles to work up a sweat while having fun. Offering a full workout, lazRfit sessions are  45 minutes and include warm-up and core exercise followed by lazRfit training and two rounds of gaming.
Drumming Cardio
Circle drum sessions have been popular for a few years, and now they've gone cardio! Drum Cardio uses weighted drumsticks to deliver a cardio, strengthening, and conditioning workout while you pound it out. Christiane Northrup, M.D., says "drumming can promote physical and emotional healing, boost your immune system, produce feelings of well-being, and – all drummer jokes aside – it can even make you smarter!"
Fire Dancing 
Poi fire dancing is an ancient Māori art that involves swinging tethered weights in a variety of rhythmical and geometric patterns around a fire pit or with lit fire batons. Fire dancing classes provide muscle tone, balance, endurance and cardiovascular benefits. 

Have you ever been on a run and noticed all the litter strewn along the sidewalk, beach or pathway? Have you ever actually picked it up and carried it with you for the duration of your run? Well, now you can! The newest (and most eco-friendly) fitness trend is called Plogging, also known as Trash Running. Ploggers, as they’re known, run with a plastic bag in hand so they can pick up the garbage that lines their route – and save the earth along the way!

Alternative Yoga

Goat Yoga
Practicing yoga surrounded by goats – and of course, posting a selfie on Instagram during your workout – is an exercise trend that's spreading rapidly to include other animals like cats and dogs. Goat yoga unexpectedly made headlines recently when a goat delivered twin kids during a yoga session!

Balance and Fitness

Balance, improved coordination, stress relief and fun are guaranteed with a session of JuggleFit, learning to juggle using scarves, beanbags or balls. Created by a certified personal trainer who literally ran away to join the circus, JuggleFit can be practiced at home, on the road or in special JuggleFit classes. 

Aquatic Workouts

We’ve been seeing these fish tails in pools all over the place recently and now there’s a 60-minute workout to go with them! Welcome to AquaMermaid, created with a desire to offer people an alternative to the traditional swimming club. As the website says, you can “learn how to swim like a fish using both legs as a fish tail and using your core muscles to propel forward. With multiple arm placement variations you can perform a variety of unique swimming activities.” An added bonus? “You'll learn different synchronized swimming techniques to get you feeling like a beautiful mermaid.”

Doing the same workout day after day may work for some people, but for those of us who get bored with exercise monotony and need a little variety to spice it up, trying some of these weird workouts may lead us to our new fave workout!

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