A while back, we sent out a survey asking for your thoughts on everything from what you love and hate about exercise, to your favorite piece of workout gear or apparel. We asked customers, as well as non-customers to contribute and we’re thrilled with the results.

Hundreds of women took the time to answer the questions and write thoughtful, inspired responses. But why did we bother asking in the first place? It wasn’t just for demographic information, although it’s important to know just who, exactly, our audience is.

The real reason we sent out the survey is because we want to know how to make better stuff for you (hello Būband 2.0), help you get moving more comfortably, and write relevant articles and posts about what really matters to you in the world of exercise and sport.

This comes at a time when we, as a brand, are evolving, changing our focus, and looking for meaningful ways to connect with women.

We loved the honesty of your comments and the wisdom of your suggestions. They underscored for us how we all have related struggles and joys. We’ve highlighted a sample of your comments here and will share more comments and details in upcoming blog posts. Enjoy!


Almost 70% of respondents exercise between 4-7 times a week with the top activity of choice being running, followed by High Intensity Interval Training , group classes, going to the gym, and walking.

We were surprised but pleased to learn that some even use the Būband for swimming, while others find it helpful for netball, martial arts, horseback riding, tennis, ATV-ing, and dodgeball (not to mention a host of other activities)!

It came as no surprise, however, that 60% of you said that what you find most uncomfortable about exercise is breast bounce and poorly-performing sports bras, followed by ill-fitting clothing, sweating, and the dreaded chafing.

But who knew that tights/leggings would be the culprit when it came to what frustrates you most about your workout clothing? Waistbands that roll, cut into you, don’t stay up or are in the wrong place all featured highly in the complaints department, while some of you wanted more pockets for keys and better options for plus sizes. A full 42% said sports bras – their fit, sizing, need for two or three, difficulty getting them off and off and lack of support – was the biggest frustration for you.

And we loved the answers to the question: If you could improve upon the Būband’s design, what would you change? Some ideas include making it wider, more streamlined and in a fabric that moves less, as well as adding bigger sizes. We plan to take those – and all the other suggestions – to heart when it comes time to develop our next version of the Būband!


In addition to asking our customers for feedback, we also opened up the survey to anyone who wanted to participate and asked them a slightly different set of questions.

Just like customers, 70% of you exercise regularly, 22% occasionally, and 8% don’t exercise at all. Those who don’t exercise say they don’t have time or don’t know where to start.

The majority of you who do exercise sang its praises (followed quickly by its drawbacks…). You love that it makes you feel stronger, gives you more energy, acts as a stress reliever and provides an opportunity to be with friends. There were so many amazing, thoughtful comments, but here is just a sampling.

What do you love about exercising?

  • “How it clears the mind and makes you feel like a badass!!”
  • “Being fit. Being able to keep up with my kids. Being a part of a team.”
  • “Being outside, trying something new, feeling healthy”
  • “I love to exercise because it's time for myself.”
  • “The way it makes me feel, pushing my limits, the way it makes me look (or maybe it’s the way I *feel* it makes me look – same!) Getting stronger and more fit for everyday life (i.e. lugging groceries home)”

    Of course, we don’t always love exercise, which is why we also asked what you hate about it. It came as no surprise that 58% of you said you experience uncomfortable or painful breast bounce during exercise, which doesn’t help matters. Also high on the list was getting motivated enough to just get started, followed by the time commitment required. Here are some of your comments.

    What do you hate about exercising?

    • “One more thing in an already full day.”
    • “The energy it takes to get started. It feels like a task.”
    • “I hate sharing equipment with men or feeling like I'm being watched by them.”
    • “My mental block that stops me from exercising/getting ready to workout. I'll tell myself I need to workout, but if I'm mentally not in the mood (regardless of how rewarding it is after) I won't exercise.”
    • “High expectation goals not being met, the gyms not being even between genders.”

    Like the previous questions, there were so many fantastic insights and comments about what the most frustrating thing about exercise is. These included slow results, plateauing or not seeing improvements, finding comfortable workout clothes that fit right, and of course, finding a sports bra that works well.

    What is the most frustrating thing about exercise for you?

    • “Lack of results. And others at the gym who look amazing but are playing on their phone.”
    • “Buying a sports bra is a torture. Almost worse than normal bra shopping, which is already a feat. They never fit right and either slide all over the place not holding anything or they are so tight breathing is difficult. And why is everything neon?”
    • “Honestly...lack of good childcare.”
    • “My body doesn't always move the way I want. Results are slow.”
    • “Holding my boobs while I run! Also having to get equipment when men are occupying a lot of it.”

    And finally, we asked If you could have ANY product to make it easier or more enjoyable for you to exercise, or that would encourage you to exercise if you don't already, what would it be? Many had very practical ideas, while some had other things on their mind…

    • “A 38-year-old male personal trail guide with abs...hahaha no seriously.”
    • “Sunscreen that doesn't feel like you're wearing glue. Stays put with sweat.”
    • “Better method for water while running than my waist band.”
    • “Athleisure wear that actually held up during a workout.”
    • “Something that rewarded me for working out...maybe points toward workout gear?”

    We love how honest and relatable respondents’ answers were, and promise to put your thoughts and suggestions to good use! All your insights will go a long way to helping us grow and improve as a brand. We always want to hear your thoughts – not just when we send out a survey – so please feel free to connect anytime my emailing lynne@buband.com, on social media or by commenting below.

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