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Breastfeeding moms know that breasts heavy with milk fluctuate in size depending on when you last nursed, and that any breast movement can be painful, let alone while exercising.

The good news is, we’ve got you covered! In fact, you don’t even have to change out of your nursing bra if you want to exercise – just add the Būband for the support you need. 

We love that breastfeeding moms are using the Būband. Here are a few of their stories:

“OMG thank you!! I just wore my Būband for the first time over the top of my 5-year-old, slightly-too-small-for-me nursing bra (kept from my first baby) and went for a jog on the treadmill. I didn’t even think about my boobs the whole time! Proof you don’t need a super sports bra to get the benefit out of Būband.” – Karen Wilson 

“Proof you don’t need a super sports bra to get the benefit out of Būband.”

“This is such a fabulous product! As a nursing mom, I was hesitant to get back into my fitness routine. Running just did not feel good. Once I found the Būband, all of that changed! I was able to run and jump so comfortably! It was well worth it and I absolutely love it.” – Nicole Zacharias, Beachbody Coach

“As a nursing mom, I was hesitant to get back into my fitness routine.”

“I’m a mom of two VERY active boys and can’t say enough good things about the Būband! As an extended nurser I was having an impossible time finding support that would allow for cardio activities without pain and difficulty. The Būband is perfect for nursing moms who need the ability to adjust for fluctuating sizes AND is comfortable enough to wear throughout nursing at any stage. I can’t recommend this product enough for moms wanting to get back out there and get active after having little ones!”
– Andrea Arient

Our Būband Brand Ambassador Kristin recently had twins. As an active runner, biker and climber who is nursing her daughters, we were super-excited when she sent us these videos showing how this breastfeeding mom runs without and then with the Būband:

Before: Nursing mom Kristin experiences painful breast bounce while running. Ouch! 

See Women’s Running for Tips for Breastfeeding Runners.

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