The Būband is made in Canada, locally and ethically. For women by women. | Būband

Did you know that the Būband is Made in Canada? It’s true! The decision to manufacture the Būband locally and ethically is a significant one, but one we think is well worth it.

Although it costs considerably more to produce the Būband right here in Calgary, Alberta (as opposed to overseas), doing so means that we’re an active partner in every step of the process, from hands-on high-performance fabric selection and quality control to start-to-finish production and shipping, which means a superior product for you.

From Day 1, we’ve decided to do it this way. The allure of saving money by producing our product overseas is significant, but this business model has worked well for us to date and we’ll continue along this path until it doesn’t work any longer!

How we manufacture the Būband is just one way we align our values with our business every day. Where we have the Būband manufactured is just a short 15-minute drive from our office. We’re there regularly, consulting with the owner, assessing the product and speaking with those who custom sew it. We can see firsthand the clean, bright, healthy environment in which they work. They even have an employee work-out area complete with fitness equipment, a recumbent bike and an elliptical trainer right on the sewing floor!

How we manufacture the Būband is just one way we align our values with our business every day.

It’s important for us to know that while we help women of all shapes and sizes by providing a product that allows them to exercise comfortably, we’re also helping the very people who make it.

And one more added bonus? As a woman-owned company, we’re also supporting women along the way. The private label manufacturer we’ve aligned ourselves with is also fully owned and operated by women, which is a good thing as they know a thing or two about breasts!  

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