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No sports bra? No problem! With the Būband, you can beat the bounce no matter what.

Experts recommend wearing a sports bra with adjustable compression to support your Cooper’s ligaments while working out. But what can you do when you want – and NEED – breast support while exercising but you don’t have a sports bra?

There are good reasons you may not have a sports bra:

  • you’re traveling and forgot to pack one
  • your shape has changed and your old sports bras no longer fit comfortably
  • your sports bra is uncomfortable or simply doesn’t do the job

The Būband athletic breast support band was designed specifically to provide extra support and compression during exercise, including running, working out, dance, sports or jobs that require physical activity. It helps you exercise longer, more comfortably and more intensely, and employs a very simple of concept: hold the breasts down, don’t lift them up if you want to stop boob bounce.

Hold the breasts down, don’t lift them up to stop boob bounce.

Breasts move a lot during high-impact activity – up and down, side to side and in a figure 8 motion – even if you’re wearing a sports bra. Studies also show this movement is damaging – not to mention painful – and can result in permanent stretching and sagging of the breasts. But permanent damage to the fragile Cooper’s ligaments can be avoided. Researchers say: “reducing strain across the mid and upper parts of the breast (precisely where the Būband is designed to be worn) will reduce the risk of damage to the internal structures of the breast.”

“Reducing strain across the mid and upper parts of the breast will reduce the risk of damage to the internal structures of the breast.”

Many women share stories of the search to find the perfect sports bra so they can exercise pain-free, and many resort to wearing two sports bras at once or bras that are too small in a bid to achieve additional support. Some studies report that as many as 25% of women have stopped exercising altogether due to pain and discomfort.

The Būband can be worn with any bra or sports bra, and can be worn above or under your clothes. So help your bra provide the support you need by adding the Būband. Science says your breasts will thank you!

Būband Facts:

  • The Būband fits women of all shapes and sizes, up to and including an L cup.
  • The Būband is made from super soft, breathable fabric that’s fast-drying and chafe-free.
  • The Būband can be worn directly over a sports bra or regular bra.
  • The Būband is fastened with three rows of hook and eye closures, giving you plenty of sizing options and a secure fit that won’t move, no matter what the activity.
  • The Būband should fit snugly enough to prevent bounce but not so tightly that it’s uncomfortable. If sized correctly, you’ll forget you’re even wearing it!

We’re so confident you’ll #LoveTheBuband we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee: love it or your money back.

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