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New mom and Būband ambassador Kristin Horowitz works hard to stay fit while balancing life with twins. A workout while getting groceries? Sure! Push ups with twins on your back? Anytime! This is her story:

I hear from a lot of people that when they get pregnant, it will be an excuse to let go. Eat what you want, lounge around, and enjoy growing your baby. 

That was not how I wanted my pregnancy to be. As someone who’s battled her tendency to gain weight and her natural inclination to not want to work out her whole life, I knew that if that happened now, it would happen the rest of my life.

As if I had a choice.

When you’re pregnant with twins, there’s almost always some kind of complication. I won’t go into the details of it, but to stave off issues, I was ordered to eat like a power lifter. AS MUCH PROTEIN AS YOU CAN. I don’t eat a lot of meat, so this was hard – I snacked on protein bars and ate SO much cottage cheese . . .  and I exercised the whole time. My reward for this was a pretty easy third trimester. I was still hiking and doing stuff others wouldn’t dream of, but it was definitely a LOT of work.

And then they came. I haven’t been around a lot of infants so I really didn’t know what to expect. People told me to move as much as possible to recover and two weeks after delivery by c-section, my doc cleared me. Stuff certainly didn’t feel right so although I was excited to get back to my routine and feel the rush of adrenaline and speed again, I had to ease into it.

The key here is that people just don’t get educated about postpartum fitness (or pre-partum for that matter). I very much am a devotee of (prenatal fitness trainer) Joy Southworth’s DVDs. They are hard. They challenge you. But she reminds you why you’re there and that it should be that hard. She taught me about diastasis recti (which I had pretty bad, I could stuff my whole fist into my abdomen) and what to do. She taught me what exercises would help bring my abs back. And she made me do so much leg work.

The key here is that people just don’t get educated about postpartum fitness (or pre-partum for that matter).

My legs are so sexy after the kids. Hauling that weight didn’t stop after pregnancy, and they got shapely.

One of the things that helped jump start my ability to stay fit was joining the local gym. I run two climbing gyms, but this gym had something those don’t: REALLY CHEAP CHILDCARE. The people there genuinely loved on my girls, and while I was having anxiety about managing two babies at once, they were loving it. It allowed me to let go and accept help. It also allowed me to get back into working out. I followed a 12-week program from Breaking Muscle to help get my abs back together – and then started working on more general fitness stuff. 

The second thing that really helped was investing in a good bike trailer with infant slings. I went from having to haul “stuff” and drive everywhere when I used to ride, to being able to bop around my little town and run errands – get the mail, go grocery shopping, just cruise around for the heck of it. In fact, when other people would be driving their kids to get them to sleep, that little bike trailer did the trick.

Those early days I got lots of fitness in. And then as they got older, they’d get colds from the gym and I couldn’t take them. It would take a month to recover and my consistency was crap, plus I was paying for a gym membership I couldn’t use. So I had to quit.

The kids get kind of bored in the bike trailer now. They’re 11 months, on the cusp of walking and would rather not be strapped in for very long. I still manage errands and even pretty solid road rides when I can, though. I am not as fast as I used to be – but I’m hauling something like 60 lbs of baby and trailer, and my sexy legs are staying sexy.

I am not as fast as I used to be – but I’m hauling something like 60 lbs of baby and trailer, and my sexy legs are staying sexy.

But work and life keep getting in the way and my workout schedule isn’t what it once was. I’m finding the best way to manage this is find snatches within the moments I’m spending with them. Postpartum aches and pains are stretched away in the morning while they crawl all over me and explore the house and toys I’ve set out. Pushups are knocked out when they’re otherwise occupied. I hang on everything to get my pull ups back (I’ve lost them). Burpees and jumping jacks (thank God for theBūband) during walks on the beach. If my husband or nanny aren’t around to help, I strap them and the dogs to my jogging stroller and out we go, for a hike or a run, it doesn’t matter. If my husband is around, we take the dogs out and play soccer on the field together or I sprint around like a crazy woman (thank God for the Būband).

The key to making it work is this: intensity. You can’t just casually knock anything out anymore. You have to go hard. If you go hard, your fitness will return and it will stay. When I do errands with the trailer, I go HARD. I’m sweating and breathing heavy at the store and I don’t care. My back is burning from planking. And I may only have one or two legit workouts a week when I used to do one every day or more, but they’re hard.

The key to making it work is this: intensity. You can’t just casually knock anything out anymore.

And living with the soreness of postpartum everything along with the workouts is part of the joy. But I didn’t get fat, and I didn’t give up, so onward and upward!


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