EVERY WEDNESDAY IN OUR PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP, BOUNCELAB, WE INTERVIEW AMAZING WOMEN FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE. RECENTLY WE INTERVIEWED the seriously fantastic Sara Grey – attorney, entrepreneur, podcaster, athlete, mother of four and founder of Wannabe, which creates functional protein blends to “fuel the hustle.” HERE IS AN OVERVIEW OF OUR INTERVIEW WITH HER.

Why is it that so many of us minimize the physical activity we do, along with our sporting accomplishments? It happens more than you may might think. In fact, studies show that most men believe they possess above-average athletic ability, while women believe the opposite. Sara Grey wants to change all that.

“I think there’s a lot of value in movement but as women, I don’t think we give ourselves very much credit for the movement that we do,” says Grey.

“We downplay it and say ‘well, I only do yoga’ or ‘I don’t run very fast. I’m not really a runner.’ You’re a runner! You put on your running shoes and do a forward motion, you’re a runner! I really want women to embrace the term athlete. It doesn’t mean there’s a medal at the end, and it doesn’t mean that you’re necessarily doing it in a matching track suit with a whole bunch of other people, and there doesn’t have to be a starting pistol.”

Grey, who frames the time she spends being active as “rejuvenation and elevation” says she hopes more women spend less time worrying about external validation and focus on what feels good for them, including moving their bodies.

“I want women to look at health in a way that isn’t related to their thigh gap or a number on the scale,” she says.

“I think what we have to do is value our bodies for more than an attempt to being pretty. For many women, the relationship they have with their body is the single most complicated relationship that they have in their lives. We’re so often looking at our bodies as a failure, rather than a force. We can’t get very far from go if that’s where our headquarters is.”

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