If you're pregnant or nursing, your breasts are likely a lot different than what you're used to. If your breasts are large, sore or heavy, exercising – or doing just about anything active – can be painful. Not surprisingly, as your breasts go through the various changes, they need a whole new level of support.  

How breasts change through pregnancy

Your breasts go through all sorts of changes when you become pregnant, with breast tenderness being one of the earliest signs of pregnancy, usually around 4 to 6 weeks.

According to BabyCenter, “increased hormone levels during pregnancy boost blood flow and cause changes in breast tissue, which may make your breasts feel swollen, sore, tingly, and unusually sensitive to touch. Some women describe the sensation as painful, or as an extreme version of how their breasts feel right before their period.”

Another significant change is to the size of your breasts – it's common to go up a cup size or two. Your breasts start getting larger around 6 to 8 weeks and continue to grow throughout your pregnancy.

Bras for nursing and pregnancy

Shopping for bras isn’t always easy, but may prove to be even more difficult when you're pregnant. That's because your breasts are ever-changing, making it difficult to pin down your perfect size.

You’ll likely have to move up to a larger size as early as the end of your first trimester, if not before, says Healthline. And your breasts will likely continue to get larger and heavier the further along in your pregnancy you get, and larger still when your milk comes in for breastfeeding.

“Comfort, support, and ease of use are all important factors to consider when choosing pregnancy and nursing bras,” says Healthline. “Opt for bras that easily adjust to size changes, or consider buying several."

Many women simply start wearing nursing bras during pregnancy and save themselves from buying multiple bras. When purchasing bras during pregnancy:

  • * Choose soft, natural fabrics, such as cotton
  • * Look for bras that feature a snug, supportive band under the bust line and wide shoulder straps
  • * Avoid underwire, which may be uncomfortable for your sensitive breasts
  • * If you have leaking breasts, look for bra styles that easily accommodate nursing pads while providing ample coverage.

Getting the support you need – Testimonials 

The good news is we may be able to save you not only from the pain of sore breasts, but from buying multiple bras.

Layering the Būband over your pregnancy or nursing bra – even your comfiest – means you can safely and conveniently add the extra support you need to walk, run or downward dog, and may be able to get away with buying one or two fewer bras.

Trust us, we know firsthand the pain associated with breast swelling and soreness during pregnancy and nursing, which is why we love hearing from women for whom the Būband has been their saving grace. Some have even run marathons during pregnancy while wearing it!

Here are a few of our fave reviews: 

“This is such a fabulous product! As a nursing mom, I was hesitant to get back into my fitness routine. Running just did not feel good. Once I found the Būband, all of that changed! I was able to run and jump so comfortably! It was well worth it and I absolutely love it.”
– Nicole Zacharias


“I’m a mom of two VERY active boys and can’t say enough good things about the Būband! As an extended nurser I was having an impossible time finding support that would allow for cardio activities without pain and difficulty. The Būband is perfect for nursing moms who need the ability to adjust for fluctuating sizes and is comfortable enough to wear throughout nursing at any stage. I can’t recommend this product enough for moms wanting to get back out there and get active after having little ones!” – Andrea Arient


“I love the Būband and have had so many people ask me about it! It helps me keep the girls in check when I run, swim or do anything more strenuous than a walk. It was a lifesaver during pregnancy and nursing. I am so grateful I found it when I did.”  Jennie Shafer


“OMG thank you!! I just wore my Būband for the first time over the top of my 5-year-old, slightly-too-small-for-me nursing bra (kept from my first baby) and went for a jog on the treadmill. I didn’t even think about my boobs the whole time! Proof you don’t need a super sports bra to get the benefit out of Būband.” – Karen Wilson


"As an avid runner, I have a goal to run throughout my entire pregnancy. The Būband will allow that to happen. I started wearing it at 20 weeks pregnant – it’s perfect! I can run comfortably in my current sports bras. No bounce, no pain!" – Rebecca Morin

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