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So here I am, a week and a half before the Paris Marathon in full-on taper and carb-loading territory. Roughly translated, this means I have done my distance runs and am now terrified of getting sick or injured so close to the big day and eating too many Easter Eggs.

How people run multiple marathons is beyond me! I have spent so many weeks running with friends and pushing myself to go further and further, and yet every week has pushed me to the brink of exhaustion. I am not a natural runner. This has not come easily for me, and I am the master of finding excuses: it’s too hot/too cold/too wet/too dark /I’m too tired/work stress/I just sneezed… I’ve never yet been on a run and regretted it though. I’ve always felt refreshed and energized afterwards and the feel-good hormones start to buzz.

This has not come easily for me, and I am the master of finding excuses

This trip to Paris will be number 57 (I think), so it’s hardly unknown territory, but this is my first time there running a marathon, and it’s my first marathon without wine (I’ll talk about that in another post). I’m staying in an Airbnb for the first ever time instead of a hotel. I’m there for four days on my own – and it suddenly feels a very grown up thing to do. I’m running the breakfast run the day before so I’ll have had a taste of the route and the excitement, and I’m not bothered about my time. I just want to finish and get that bit of bling!

It’s odd, that the enormity of what I am capable of accomplishing only strikes me in waves and I feel slightly overwhelmed at the task I’ve set myself and yet, I am excited by the challenge. Watch for my post-run report!

Liz runs the Paris half marathon in preparation for the full marathon on April 9th

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