We all know that the best way to teach your child good habits is to model them: children learn from what you do, not what you say. So if you'd like to help your teen improve her fitness level, find activities you can do – and enjoy – together!

Here are 5 workouts you can do with your teen daughter: 

1. Mother-Daughter Workout with Fitness Professionals Denise Austin and Katie Austin 
A 10-minute workout that’s perfect for mothers and daughters to do together at home because Denise and Katie are mother and daughter! Both Denise and Katie have huge social media followings, so if you like this workout, follow Denise on YouTube or Katie on Instagram.

2. Bike Riding 
Once you learn to ride a bike, you never forget. Biking is perfect for many different fitness levels: 

  • You can customize the length of your ride: short rides for beginners, longer rides as you build up endurance.
  • Biking is perfect for city, suburbs or the country: wherever you live there are likely safe bike routes you can use.
  • Bikes are portable: get a hitch for the back of your car and take your bike to wherever you want to ride. 
  • Many cities have rent-a-bike programs so you can get your workout on vacations and see the sights at the same time.

3. Yoga 
People practice yoga for many different reasons. Athletes like the flexibility and stretching yoga poses provide, stressed-out adults enjoy the relaxation and mindfulness benefits, and girls are no different. As their bodies hit puberty and the school day gets longer with increasing pressure, a yoga practice can help build a positive body image and decrease stress. Yoga lets people at different levels practice together, so your very fit athletic daughter can easily workout with her less-fit mom.

You can watch a yoga video at home, or sign up for group classes. Start practicing yoga with your daughter as early as possible – many classes and videos teach new moms to practice yoga with their infants – and you and your daughter can practice yoga together for many years. 

Tip: See our top 15 YouTube fitness channels for home workouts. 

4. Walking 
Walking is a very different type of workout for moms and daughters. Because there is no music, other students in the class, or equipment to manage, it gives you a perfect opportunity to talk together and catch up on her day. Here are some tips to encourage your daughter to walk with you: 

  • Walk the dog: having a purpose for the walk other than just togetherness and exercise will make your teen less resistant.
  • Have a destination: Walk to a nearby coffee shop or to the movies. It’s easier to convince your daughter to walk with you if there's something in it for her!
  • Set a topic in advance: Invite your daughter to take a walk to plan an upcoming vacation, brainstorm her birthday party, or plan her back-to-school supply list. Choose a topic your daughter wants to discuss so she'll look forward to walks with you.

5. Take A Class  
Golf lessons or tennis lessons, salsa or ballet, snorkeling or scuba diving: what sport can you and your daughter learn together? By starting out when you're both beginners you can experience the joys and frustrations of learning a new skill together.

The benefits of mother-daughter workouts aren't all physical: you and your teen can become closer and have shared experiences when you get fit together. 

Catherine Russell is Būband's Content Manager 


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