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Ever wondered what models are really like beyond the camera lens? Their hobbies and interests? Or if, when they’re running on camera, they’re actually runners? You’re about to find out!

In May 2017, we conducted a photo/video shoot showcasing the Būband being used at the gym, during yoga and while running. Our models are in fact “real” women         – not professional models – who put the Būband through its paces. We thought it would be fun to feature each woman and hear their stories, behind the scenes. 

Sarah, 41

It’s no surprise Sarah’s running is fluid and graceful in our Būband video – she’s been learning for years how to do it well.

“I’m a run clinic junkie, outdoor boot camp enthusiast and get to hot yoga classes as much as I can,” says Sarah, a communications consultant and mother of two.

“I love the energy of exercising in a group, in addition to the fun and support that goes with it.”

Sarah spends much of her free time with friends and family while also volunteering at her daughter’s school. She aims to do something physical – especially outdoors – five times a week.

“Exercise has helped me get through some very tough times in my life. It’s a steady constant that helps me clear my mind and makes me physically and emotionally strong. I’m so grateful for endorphins!”

And her Būband photo and video shoot experience?

“I loved working with (Būband Founder and CEO) Lynne and the other models while promoting a product that many women will find beneficial!”

Danielle, 31

If you want something done, look no further than Danielle.

As the owner of a personal/virtual assistant service, she specializes in helping busy professionals stay ahead.

And she walks that talk with her own fitness too, appreciating the benefits of one-on-one help. Danielle meets with a personal trainer three times a week to perfect her weight training.

“Otherwise, I’m eating ice cream,” she laughs, adding that she goes to the gym, “mostly for the pool and sauna.”

When Danielle’s not exercising or helping others organize their lives, she spends her time enjoying good food and drinks with friends, watching reality TV and spending every Tuesday night going to the movies with her dad.

Danielle's ease in front of the camera was evident throughout the shoot, even during our challenging "with and without the Būband" video segment, which she executed with a smile on her face, despite the discomfort of the "without" portion of the video!

“I love being a part of things I can stand behind. I love the concept of the Būband and I enjoy being in front of the camera, coming up with fun scenarios for a good shot.”

Megan, 26

Megan has found the perfect formula for her health and fitness success – a trifecta of yoga, running and massage therapy.

In September, the yoga teacher starts her schooling to become a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) with the hopes of one day specializing in sports massage.

 “I've always known that I wanted to do body work and a job that keeps me active,” says Megan.

“When I was training for my first full marathon, I started to work with an RMT to help with my training and maintain my health. I knew almost immediately that this was what I wanted to do; helping other athletes maintain their strength and health, as well as their knowledge.”

In addition to teaching yoga three times a week and regularly practicing on her own, Megan also runs four times a week and hopes to qualify for the Boston Marathon next year.

“My favorite part of the Būband shoot was working with other strong, athletic women and being a part of a product that literally supports women in training!”

Lynne Koziey is the Founder and CEO of BounceLab Ltd., the company behind the Būband. 

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