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Name: Kristin Tara Horowitz
Location:  California Central Coast
Age: 36

To say that Kristin leads a full, active and engaged life is like saying it occasionally gets a tad warm in the Sahara Desert.

The new mom (of twin girls) is the production manager for an adventure event business, which handles everything from adventure and obstacle course races to triathlons and marathons. She also runs two climbing gyms – the United States’ first non-profit bouldering gym model – which she and her husband literally built with their own hands.

Beyond work, Kristin tackles alpine rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, bouldering, rope climbing, running, stand up paddleboarding, yoga and weights, riding horses and her special passion for herding pretty much anything with her two skilled Australia Shepherds. “Basically, if it’s outside and requires moving, I’m there,” she says, adding that her cat, dogs, chickens, and ducks round out her life.

“Basically, if it’s outside and requires moving, I’m there.”

Since discovering the Būband, Kristen says all her adventures are just that much more enjoyable.

“It’s amazing how the ‘ladies’ can really hinder your life. With the Būband, I can sprint like the wind, hop up and down with excitement, and I honestly forget I have boobs. My posture seems to get more upright, I feel lighter and nimbler, and I really like wearing it on the outside to make people ask about it. It looks like sleek gear and makes me feel sleek along with it. It has given me the freedom I can only imagine those lucky girls who can wear those cute spaghetti strap workout shirts must feel.”

“With the Būband, I can sprint like the wind, hop up and down with excitement, and I honestly forget I have boobs.”

Beyond all her outdoor pursuits, Kristin spends her time reading and writing, supporting other entrepreneurs and nonprofit groups, working in leadership roles, gardening, undertaking home improvement projects, engaging in self-improvement, and travelling around the world (making sure she visits far-flung grocery stores to discover new, local food along the way).

“I used to do a lot of gear reviewing for the rock climbing world and I don’t just say nice things for the stuff – I say them because I believe that sitting on a great thing isn’t fair. As a well-endowed athlete that’s never been that excited about my boobs, finding something that’s easy to get on and off that allows me the kind of freedom from shoulder aches, boob smashing, and the rest is something I have to tell the world about! If I can help other people and help the people helping other people, my work here is done.”

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