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We humans love routine. It’s comfortable, doesn’t require much thought and provides structure and predictability. Routines can even free your brain up to do new things because it doesn’t have to spend time or energy predicting what’s next in a regular day.

And we all know that when it comes to exercise, routines can be the perfect tool to ensure physical activity is regularly integrated into our lives. But when does routine become bad?

As it turns out, if you do the same activity repetitively – like running or playing tennis – boredom may not be the worse thing you suffer; it can also cause overuse injuries. That doesn’t mean you have to stop doing what you love, but it may be time to try some new activities that can train different parts of the mind, engage different muscles, and even promote individual expression!

Rock Climbing
Rock climbing uses muscles, strength, coordination, eyesight and strategy to climb a rock wall. Rock climbing can be done outdoors on natural rock formations and mountains or Indoors at specially designed fake rock walls.

Martial Arts
The sport of karate and its sister martial art Tae Kwon Do can take you from young childhood through all stages of adulthood and is a sport where men and women compete as equals. Many gyms and community workout centers offer karate and other martial arts, as well as private studios.

Martial arts can sculpt your body, sharpen your defense skills, and make you feel pretty freakin' almighty. – Shape

Aerial Arts
If you want to swing from silks and be a trapeze-like circus artist but don’t like heights, aerial arts (also called circus arts) may just be your thing. Good for every age and body type, it will allow you to train your strengths, work on your weak spots and focus on cultivating your own beautiful style. 

Women’s boxing is the #1 fitness craze and offers benefits including cardio, strength building, stress relief and confidence. There are dedicated gyms for boxing, courses at local fitness studios, and many free online boxing-style workouts.

There’s a reason yoga’s been around for thousands of years. Mental health and stress relief have long been associated with the practice, but yoga also offers many physical benefits including balance, flexibility, coordination, muscle strength and bone health. An added bonus? Yoga has proven benefits women who are going through hormonal changes, such as menopause and health crises like breast cancer.

Routine can be a beautiful thing: until it’s not. If you’re bored with your current activity or are feeling certain muscles are being overused, it’s a good idea to get out of your comfort zone and change it up once in a while!
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