Every Wednesday in our private Facebook group, BounceLab, we interview kick-ass women from all walks of life. Recently we interviewed Trina Marr, whose story of struggle and success (and losing 100 lbs) is so inspiring, she appeared on Oprah – three times! Here is an overview of our interview with her:

Trina Marr knows a little about public declarations. Like that time she committed to ditching her not-so-nice husband and losing 100 lbs in front of Oprah and her 16 million viewers. 

It was at that moment – as an unhappy, overweight mother of two – Trina decided to write herself a different story, one in which her action scenes featured hard-hitting roller derby and ended with her meeting her very own Prince Charming. 

“Every day we get up and we’re afraid of being judged and afraid of what might happen. But what would you do if you weren’t afraid? I think that’s what you have to ask yourself,” says Trina, a hair stylist. 

Trina was still living in fear when she auditioned for a Canadian reality weight loss show and made the cut. Her humor, quick wit and charm on that show caught the eye of Oprah producers and she was invited onto the Oprah show. 

“I think my story resonated with a lot of people. I was a mother of two children, I owned my own business, which was successful, and I was making a go at living. But what I wasn’t doing was making a go at living the best life that I could.” 

Enter Roller Derby. After her fateful promise to Oprah, Trina needed to start moving. Three weeks before trying out to see if she secured one of the 20 coveted spots on the local Roller Derby team, Trina bought herself some roller skates and started practicing.

“I was out of shape and huffing and puffing but god help me, I was going to get out there and do my very best,” she said.

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