Every Wednesday In BounceLab, our private Facebook Group, we interview amazing women  from all walks of life. We recently interviewed Andrea Signor, who started her fitness journey early in life to help combat the effects of Scoliosis and hasn't stopped. Here is an overview of our interview with her:

As an eighth grader, Andrea was diagnosed with Scoliosis and was put in a back brace, which she was required to wear for 23 hour a day. But she soon discovered a doctor-approved way for her to spend even less time in the brace – sports.

“So I got into swimming and other active sports and that really jump started my love of fitness and this mentality that living a healthy life was of upmost importance, for my back health and for my own mental health,” says Andrea.

Andrea still has Scoliosis and still has to manage it, which she has successfully done even through two pregnancies, but it's taken work.

“The best thing I could do was keep those muscles as strong as possible to support my spinal cord," she says.

Enter weightlifting.

“About 6 months before I I got pregnant with my first daughter, I started weightlifting and when I got pregnant, I didn’t want to give that up. I realized how much weightlifting and sports and feeling strong was part of my identity.”

She continued lifting throughout her pregnancies but found there wasn’t much information about weightlifting throughout pregnancy and for new moms, so she started her own blog Mamalifts, a resource for moms who want to try – and excel – at strength training. 

To watch our interview with Andrea and hear what more about her fitness journey, join our BounceLab, our private Facebook group, where we're redefining what fitness looks like.

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