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I woke up this morning kind of bummed. I used to work out pretty hard every day, and do something awesome. I live in this magical place where it’s endless hiking, biking, running, paddling and climbing opportunities. You don’t get bored, or if you do, it’s definitely your fault. 

But now that I have twin year-old babies, something’s been rewired inside me and even though my husband offers to sit with them for an hour every day while I do stuff, I don’t want to miss them growing up. They’re going through this phase where every day is a little cooler than the next as they learn and then when my nanny gets here, I have SO much work to do that I am not able to prioritize my training and fun having.

So this kind of bummed feeling, I recognized it. It’s this deep, hormonal sadness that tells me I have to move. If you’ve been previously sedentary and then start working out, I’m not sure you know what I’m talking about, but I have noticed that my body starts to get achy if I don’t keep it moving. I’m actually more uncomfortable not working out than I am if I’m sore or hurt from some injury and pushing through it.

Today was that day. But I have a lot on my plate, so I knew it couldn’t be a long work out. Knowing I was sad, I decided to do something more whimsical with my time and headed out to the brand new bike jumping park a town over. I usually hate driving to ride somewhere because I have so many options straight from my house, but people: BIKE JUMPING. 

I got there and forgot that I’d previously lent my bike to someone for a race and now the seat was too low and my pedals were missing, so here I was with cleat shoes and flat pedals – and my gears weren’t shifting AT ALL.

BUT HERE I WAS. And I was going to – meekly – jump my bike and love it. So, despite a couple things against my favor, I went for it. And I was pleasantly surprised to run into a friend trying it out for the first time, too, so he took some shots for me.

BUT HERE I WAS. And I was going to – meekly – jump my bike and love it.

It’s not very common for a girl to jump her bike, so while I’m not getting a ton of air, I still feel like a boss. And true to form, I also forgot I had boobs on those landings because of my trusty Būband, which I’ve taken to putting it in my car so that when things like this arise and I have time to sneak out… I can just strap it on outside what I’ve got on and go. No excuses about uncomfortable bouncing! Only intentional, comfortable bouncing on dirt hills!

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