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The last few weeks at work have been rough. My first instinct is to take care of everyone and everything first and me when it's convenient. Running two businesses in the middle of enormous growth, raising two toddlers, having high maintenance dogs, it's never convenient.

I devise all these workout plans and say, "I will get up and then go out with the kids" – but they really like to move and sitting in a stroller seems unfair. So then my husband says, "I will get up and you go out and do something," but I'm so fascinated by my mornings with them and him and the dogs that I just am not motivated.

My husband knows it's important to get his "spilkes" out (what he calls it) and rides ten miles into town to do chores, or does whatever. I'm usually at home plugging away at the computer when I'm not teaching the kids how to play with crayons or reading "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See" over and over. 

I've been watching summer creep up on me and I'm getting better at balancing "me" time and actually taking weekends to recharge. It's putting me behind at work, though. 

Tonight, I decided enough was enough. Yes, I am tired. Yes, I just want to sit around and watch TV or poke on social media or read a business magazine, but the babies are asleep, the sun is still up, and I don't have to feel guilty about taking my time back.

So tonight I strapped on a REAL sports bra for the first time in two years (pregnancy boobs and breastfeeding have been prohibitive, which is how I found the Būband in the first place), put my Būband on, took my 14.5-year-old Australian Shepherd and constant running buddy, and we hit the pavement. It's quiet here, and cool compared to everywhere else. Maybe it's the infinite squats and running around everyone says will get you in shape when you have kids, but I honestly felt like I was floating on air.

Well, except the sports bra. Man, those things are brutal. I felt so constricted compared to how I normally feel! Maybe it's the milk in the boobs or something, but . . . yuck. Might have to stick with my nursing bra and the Būband for now.

If the evening is going to be when I exercise, maybe it's time to start getting lights for my mountain bike and really make this a thing. Can you stand up paddle safely in the dark? Good thing I own a couple climbing gyms – no lights needed there. Hmmm . . . 

Some people get up early in the morning, but the babies are so irregular about when they rise that it’s not an ideal time for my family. And even though I'm SO tired at the end of the day, I think I can make the evening my "me" time, and take a dog along for good measure.

Kristin and Her Running Companion

Here is a photo of me and The Fury - the kids got some washable marker on her,
so I decided to just go for it. I always wondered what she'd look like purple. 

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