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Hannah Lister, 14, isn’t concerned about becoming a star athlete. She just likes moving her body, being with friends, and maybe winning a university scholarship along the way. Here is her story: 

I started running with my school team in Grade 7.

The group training, held two or three times a week after school, was to prepare us for the Bloomsday Run, a 12 km (7.46 mile) run in Spokane, Washington. 

I like running with my friends and having the company, we encourage each other. I find it fairly easy and fun. Plus, I also know that when I’m running, I’m improving my fitness, health and stamina, which I like.

Recently I met my dad’s physiotherapist and when he saw me, he said that I should try pole vault because I’m tall (5’ 8”) and have long legs.

I’d never done it before and it sounded really fun. You can also get a scholarship from it because not many people do it. It’s really difficult but I really enjoy it – we do gymnastics and training, as well as vaulting, so it keeps it interesting.

Even though I didn’t know anyone who was in the track club, I’ve made friends through pole vaulting. I think it’s good to have an open mind, especially when it’s a sport you don’t hear about every day. It’s also good to have perseverance. I mess up a whole lot when I do pole vault, but keep doing it, keep doing the drills and warm up and exercises.

Now that I’ve tried it, I’d like to try other track and field sports, such as long jump and high jump.

Being active is important to me. I like to be more physically fit – I don’t just want to sit around and not do anything for my health; I want to be a healthy person. I’d tell other girls that, even if you’re not sure if you’ll like a sport or activity, just try. Just do it.

Hannah provided this post as a guest blogger for Būband. She's a Grade 9 student in Alberta, Canada.

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