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Do private, 1:1 sessions with a personal fitness trainer give you a better workout than group exercise classes? We break down the key differences so you can decide which type of exercise program will help you achieve your health and fitness goals. 

Group fitness is an exercise class of two or more people led by one instructor. 

Private training is one-on-one with a fitness trainer who creates a program specifically for you. 

Private Fitness Training vs Group Classes: Compare the Difference 

Group workout classes are almost certainly less expensive than private 1:1 training sessions. 

Group classes are scheduled at the best time for the gym, the trainer and the majority of the participants. Private sessions are scheduled at your convenience and the availability of your trainer.

You can hire a fitness trainer with expertise in your specific workout need, while classes are scheduled to meet the needs of many different participants. 

Workout Intensity 
A private trainer customizes your workout to your individual ability and goals; a group session is designed to meet the needs of the majority of sign-ups. 

Skill Development 
1:1 fitness training assures that your coach is focused only on you, and is there to make adjustments and corrections. 

It can be motivating and reassuring to work out with a group and see others also struggle to meet their fitness goals, while private training may leave you feeling alone in your goals. 

Whichever option is the best fit for you, there are private trainers and group classes available for many different levels and types of workouts. Whichever you choose, remember: you can always switch to another type of workout later or design a hybrid to fit your specific needs.

Catherine Russell is Būband's Content Manager  


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