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Prepping healthy lunches doesn't have to be time-consuming or require a lot of exotic ingredients. Here are nine nutritious, protein-packed snacks and lunches to fuel your day that you can brown bag or have on hand at home.  

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Power Veggie Sandwich 
Dave's Killer Bread 

Power Veggie Sandwich

Rainbow Power Salad with Roasted Chickpeas 
Pinch of Yum 

Rainbow salad with roasted chickpeas salad recipe

Cobb Salad Wrap
Living Well Kitchen

Cobb Salad Wrap recipe

Sweet Potato Black Bean Quesadilla 
Well Plated 

Sweet potato black bean quesadilla recipe

Trail Mix Energy Cookies 
Dishing Out Health 

Trail Mix Energy Cookie recipe

Raw Peanut Butter Chocolate Protein Bars 
Simple Swaps 

Raw chocolate peanut butter protein bar recipe  

Orange Sesame Chicken Quinoa Bowl
The Seasoned Mom

Orange sesame chicken Quinoa Bowl recipe

Santa Fe Vegetable Soup 

Santa Fe vegetable soup recipe

Roasted Chickpeas 3 Ways 
Holley Grainger RD 

Roasted chickpea recipes

Say goodbye to the afternoon slump and the 3 pm candy bar! High-protein lunches and snacks can kick up your metabolism, help you feel full and keep you energized all afternoon. Make them in batches so you have some for work and some for home! 

Catherine Russell is Būband's Content Manager 

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