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If you're busy at home and busy at work, how do you find the time to follow a fitness and nutrition program? At work it's easy to remedy an afternoon slump at the candy bar machine and at home, popcorn and red wine may be the perfect fast and easy dinner. Finding balance is hard, which is why some companies are starting workplace wellness programs to help their employees achieve their fitness and nutrition goals. 

Workplace wellness programs are initiatives sponsored and encouraged by a company to assist their employees in achieving good health. And they're a win-win. The benefits to employees are clear, but companies also benefit by:

  • Lower healthcare costs
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Less employee sick days and lower turnover 

Corporate wellness programs vary considerably and can include the availability of nutritious food, onsite or reduced-cost fitness facilities, easy, no-cost access to medical screenings, and educational and support materials. 

7 Employee Benefits of a Workplace Wellness Program

1. Happier People
Employees who participate in a workplace wellness program are more satisfied with their jobs than those who don’t, according to an AFLAC 2012 Workforce Report

2. Weight Loss 
The availability of nutritious food options and onsite fitness facilities can result in weight loss for employees who take advantage of healthier options. 

3. Sense of Community 
Employees who practice health and fitness goals at work motivate fellow employees and strengthen their relationship with shared goals and support.

4. Improved Fitness 
Being given time and support to work out during the day – whether it's an onsite yoga class or a lunchtime pass to a nearby gym – improves physical fitness, strength and endurance. 

5. Reduced Stress 
Workplace wellness programs typically offer stress management training plus reminders and incentives to practice stress management techniques throughout the workday.

6. Better Sleep 
Practicing healthier habits and reducing stress often leads to longer and more restful sleep, which means employees wake up alert and ready to work.

7. New Fun Experiences 
Wellness initiatives often offer new experiences and strategies to meet health goals, like company fitness challenges and group activities such as a company sponsored 5K walk.  

Workplace wellness programs offer benefits to both companies and their employees. If your office or employer doesn't have a program, ask them to consider one: a healthy workforce is a win-win! #bBetterTogether.

Catherine Russell is Būband's Content Manager  


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