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Guest post by Paula Harer at Starting Over at Sixty featuring health, lifestyle and style. 

I was attending a conference for bloggers last month and a woman, who was closer to my age than most of the attendees, sat down next to me and we started to chat. She told me that she was from Canada and had developed a product that stops women’s’ breasts from bouncing when working out, especially running. I am a D cup, reduced from a DD cup so I was all ears. I do run a little and while I always thought that my super-duper sports bra kept me in check, I recently passed by a store window and got a glimpse of my moving reflection and it was just not the case. She said she would love to send me one and began looking in her big bag for a measuring tape. I told her my chest is 43″. “How do you know that,” she asked me. I explained that I am a knitter and we know these things. She offered to send me an extra-large Būband right away. I was skeptical.

The Būband does what it promises, it holds the breasts in place for running and other sports.

About a month later I received my Būband and was ready to try it out. It came in an envelope with no instructions. I was putting it up under my boobs, then straight across my boobs and thought it was another useless accessory. I then went online and took a look at the video on their website and realized that I was trying to use it “upside down.” If you are interested, watch the video by going to the link below and all your questions will be answered. The Būband goes above the breasts, not below. It doesn’t hold them up, it forces them down, actually restricting movement. I did a lot of jumping around and running in place in my bathroom without my Būband creating a visual in my mind to compare (not a pretty visual, but a visual nonetheless), then did the same thing with it on. There was a huge difference, night and day actually. I went for a run and I am sold. The Būband does what it promises, it holds the breasts in place for running and other sports. It is a game changer for those of us who have had to wear more than one sports-bra at a time, or even bind our breasts to prevent painful and embarrassing bouncing.

The price is just under $40. Hooray for Būband!

This post originally appeared on Starting Over at 60

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