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Looking for an amazing workout that provides a sense of empowerment too? It just may be time to lace up your gloves and hit the ring! 

Boxing was all the rage last year and it looks like the trend continues in 2019. Celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Paula Patton, Demi Lovato, Karlie Kloss, Gina Rodriguez, Brandy, Khloe Kardashian and sister Kendall Jenner have all boxed to stay fit, while boxing gyms, classes and video workouts are continuing to gain in popularity. 

Top 5 Fitness Benefits to Boxing

1. Cardio 
Boxing is great cross-training because, unlike some other cardio workouts, boxing seriously works your upper half
2. Arms and shoulders
If you're looking for well-toned arms and shoulders, look no further: hitting a punching bag burns 200 calories in 20 minutes and your arms and shoulders get an excellent workout.
3. Strength 
Boxing builds muscle and boosts your metabolism, while challenging your key muscle groups, legs, chest and shoulders. 
4. Endurance 
Boxing is a HIIT cardiovascular workout that builds endurance and stamina with constant movement alternated with intermittent intense bouts of punching and dodging. 
5. Stress Reliever 
Punching and kicking relieve frustrations and stress, and is said to make you stronger emotionally and mentally. Women boxers report an increased level of confidence

Boxing Workout Gear

Most workout wear can be worn for boxing, but ideally your boxing gear should stay in place, be comfortable and wick moisture – boxing works up a sweat! If you're in it for the long run, you'll want to invest in some gear to protect and support your body during boxing workouts.  

1. Boxing Shoes 
Regular gym shoes won't cut it long term for boxing workouts. Shoes made specifically for boxing or cross-training add additional support to protect your feet and ankles for pivot and lateral moves, jumping and kicks. Many women wear sturdy gym shoes for their first few boxing classes, then invest in boxing shoes after they decide to continue boxing workouts. 
2. Boxing Gloves 
One size doesn't fit all, and women shouldn't wear men's boxing gloves. Women need a different style of boxing glove because women’s palms are typically shorter and narrower than men’s. Hand wraps add additional protection for wrists and knuckles. Most gyms will provide gloves to start, but you should invest in your own hand wraps.
3. A Būband
Boob bounce isn’t just painful: it tears the Cooper’s ligaments that naturally support your breasts. Research shows that supporting the mid and upper part of the breast (where the Būband hugs your body) while you exercise reduces the risk of irreparably damaging these fragile ligaments. The Būband breast support band also provide support and protection during boxing workouts.
Būband's Instagram feed was tagged by boxing instructor Nancy Chen (pictured above) of TITLE Boxing Club North Station in Boston. We love seeing her rock the Būband in the ring! 

"As a boxing instructor and marathon runner, I've struggled to find a bra that completely holds everything in place. With the Būband, I don't have to worry about that  there's no bounce at all. Everything's secure! – Nancy Chen, Boxing Instructor

wears Būband for boxing and fitness

Tokyo boxer @shiho_tokyo also shared a photo on Instagram: she wears Būband for boxing training and workouts: 

All you need is Būband! Especially for run, high-jumps, touch-down and jumping-jacks! – Boxer at B-Monster

If you're considering starting boxing for fitness, check out some of the free YouTube channels offering boxing workouts: 15 Free YouTube Fitness Channels

Catherine Russell is Būband's Content Manager 

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