Like many of you, I’ve spent way too much time on social media, reading posts about fitness, looking at photos of impossibly skinny women with perfect hair and shaking my head at posts from bikini-clad new moms with rippling abs asking “What’s your excuse?” for not looking like them.

Mom shaming, body shaming, one-upmanship. I’ve seen it all. In fact, it was my job to search out the rippling-ab posts, see where the trends were, what people were talking about, and learn more about influencers.

And guess what? I hated it. They made me feel like an impostor. Here I was, the owner of a company whose market is fitness/sportswear and I didn’t identify with any of it. It just made me feel bad about myself. So I set out to offer something different: a community of women committed to moving – whatever that looks like to them, their lives and their bodies – without the fear of judgement, shame or guilt.

The community is called BounceLab and it’s a place where women come to belong, not try to fit in. A place where we support one another’s uniqueness and desire to get moving, not to lose weight but to boost energy, try something new, connect with other women who are rocking it their way, and to make ourselves a priority (and be okay with that).
In BounceLab, we’re redefining with healthy looks like – and it’s not the size of your thigh gap or the number on the scale. We don’t preach about fitness programs or achieving a particular look. We just provide information, support, inspiration and fact-based articles so you can pick and choose what works for your life. Love sweating it out in a spin class? Go for it! Prefer playing in the park with your kids? Beautiful! Training for a marathon? So great! It’s about rocking it YOUR way.
As we have learned, women don’t need to be told that exercise is good for them. We already know that. I now spend less time on the social media feeds I used to and more time on those that I enjoy, that represent women I admire and can relate to. And that, I feel, is exactly the kind of movement I need to be doing.

Join BounceLab below to watch exclusive expert and lifestyle interviews, read articles that inspire and motivate, and connect with others who are rocking it their way!

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