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Thank you to everyone who entered our #Buband giveaway, we were excited to see entries on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and here on the blog. The winner of a free Būband breast support band is: #bConfident, submitted by Robyn Garriso.  

Robyn: send an email to lynne@buband.com with your address and contact information.

We agree, Robyn: with Būband you can be confident and exercise without boob bounce, pain or discomfort. Robyn wrote:

#bconfident!! As a large chested gal, it’s important!

Breasts move a lot during high-impact activity, even those clad in a sports bra. Studies show just how damaging – not to mention painful – this movement can be. But permanent damage to the fragile Cooper’s ligaments can be avoided. Researchers say that “reducing strain across the mid and upper parts of the breast (precisely where the Būband is designed to be worn) will reduce the risk of damage to the internal structures of the breast.”

Thank you for all the #bLove you sent Būband! We loved all the strong and smart #b words that represent Būband’s goal to help women exercise longer and more comfortably.

Here are a few more of our favorites:





We know the Būband is great for putting an end to breast bounce, but for us, it’s also so much more. It’s about the ability to pursue your goals – even if they’re as simple as not falling out of your yoga top during downward dog! It’s about the ability to focus on the freedom of running, the exhilaration of martial arts or the intensity of CrossFit rather than on the pain and discomfort experienced without the Būband.

We regularly receive messages from women who are now running comfortably for the first times in their lives, from teenage girls who now have the confidence to leap higher in their dance class, and from athletes who have increased their performance tenfold thanks to the Būband. We’re also learning about new research as it relates to our health and about trends that affect the way we eat, sleep and exercise. We want to share those – and other – stories with you. 

Move. In all the right places.

Stay tuned… we’re planning more Būband giveaways in the coming months!

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