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Every winter we wait with anticipation for the nice summer weather so we can exercise outdoors... Then the dog days of summer hit and we're desperate to stay cool during our workouts. 

Sure: we could go inside for air-conditioned exercise, but after suffering through months of miserable weather it's good to be outside enjoying it! Whether you're running, playing a sport, or practicing yoga or HIIT, here are seven ways to stay cool during outdoor summer workouts.

1. Hydrate
Yes, it's a given year-round that you should drink plenty of fluids before, during and after workouts but many women just don't realize that in the summer weather you should hydrate before you're thirsty. If you experience dizziness or a headache, experts advise you stop your workout and hydrate immediately.

2. Wear a Hat
It seems counter-intuitive: in the cold weather you wear a hat to keep warm, won't it make you even hotter in the warm weather? A baseball-style cap made of a light material with a solid bill will keep your face shaded. Many female tennis players wear visors to get the shade while keeping their head uncovered. 

3. Cool Clothing
Stylish workout wear is fun: but lightweight, breathable fabrics are smart to help prevent overheating. Light colored fabrics don't hold the heat, so skip the black workout wear, and choose loose-fitting clothes. 

4. Exercise Early or Late
Early morning or evening workouts when the sun isn't as hot and the humidity is lower will keep you cooler. 

5. Ice It
Many runners buy or make their own neck ice-wraps. To make your own ice-wrap:

  • lay a square cotton scarf flat
  • put a couple good hand-fulls of ice in the center
  • fold in-half into a triangle
  • roll to make a long neck wrap

The ice will help keep you cool both while it's solid and while it melts.

6. Switch It Up
Switch up your workouts to include more breaks and different routines until your body acclimates to the heat. 

7.  Sweat It Out
Sweating helps your body self-regulate your temperature but it takes time to adjust. Skip the antiperspirant. Try not to wipe off your sweat. 

Exercise is good for your body and spirit! Taking practical measures to beat the heat during outdoor workouts will help you maintain your fitness without overexerting your body.  

Catherine Russell is Būband's Content Manager 

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