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What's the latest fitness food craze and superfood – and should you be following it? 

1. Avocado Pits
We've long heard about the healthy fats found in avocados, but have you heard about the health benefits of avocado pits? New research says that avocado seed husks contain a variety of chemical compounds that could help to kill viruses, combat heart problems, and even treat heart disease and cancer.

2. The Low-FODMAP Diet
This trend promises to stop bloating, IBS and tummy troubles by following a diet that minimizes carbs that can be hard to digest. The low FODMAP diet claims to remove potential triggers to digestive distress and then reintroduces them to pinpoint your food intolerances and adjust your diet accordingly.

3. Biodynamic Food
Have you noticed 'biodynamic' on your food labels? Wine, eggs, vegetables, meats – many foods we see at the grocery store or farmer's market are now being labeled biodynamic.  

Biodynamic farmers:

  • 1. Avoid synthetic chemical pesticides, fertilizers and transgenic contamination;
  • 2. Focus on farm-generated, living solutions to pest control and fertility;
  • 3. Set aside a minimum of 10% of their total acreage for biodiversity; and
  • 4. Must meet the National Organic Program standard as a base.

    4. Nut Oils
    Nut butters from nuts other than peanuts have been popular for a while, but now nut oils for cooks and flavoring foods are in the superfood category. Almond, cashew, walnut and hazelnut cold-pressed oils are all tasty and nutritious additions to your menu. 

    5. Horned Melon
    Horned melon is a juicy, spiky melon from Africa that “is a nutritional standout” and high in magnesium, iron, zinc and fiber, says nutritionist Jackie Newgent. “Much of its disease-fighting power seems to come from the edible seeds. So, plan to eat both the jellylike flesh and the seeds.”

    Superfoods and healthier diets can improve your longevity and health, and help you feel and look better. Bonus if they also taste good! 

    Catherine Russell is Būband's Content Manager 


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