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Indoor cycling classes called spinning are popular and trendy because they burn calories and get your heart rate up for a full body workout in an hour. If you've never taken a spinning class – or if you tried and failed, and want to try again – here are some tips to help you enjoy and get the most out of your first few spinning classes. 

1. Dress for Sweat 
Spinning is a workout that builds up a sweat. Wear clothes that absorb sweat and wick it off your skin. Looks for labels that say "moisture-wicking."

2. Saddle Up 
Don't just sit on the saddle: adjust the stationary bike saddle so it's the right height for you, not the previous rider. A general guideline is to adjust the seat to be even with your hip: Total Women's Cycling has tips to get your saddle right.

3. Trial A Few 
There are different types of spin classes and different types of spin instructors. Ask for free or discount passes to try a few different spin classes and studios before you decide. Pricing can vary a lot between studios, so shop around. 

4. Hydrate 
Spinning burns calories and builds a sweat. Stay hydrated to keep your energy up. Bring a water bottle to your bike and take the time to sip during class. A towel helps you wipe the sweat off your face so your workout isn't disrupted. 

5. Resist Right
The resistance setting on your bike determines how much effort it takes to push the pedal: does the pedal spin super-fast and easy, or is it like pedaling in mud? You can change the resistance during your workout: find a moderate resistance when you start spinning and dial it down it if its painful or you can't breathe.

6. Arrive Early
Bike location matters for following your instructor. For spinning classes, being on time can actually mean you're too late if you want to choose a bike. Class regulars will get there early to claim their preferred bike: many spinning classes have an online bike reservation system. Get there early to choose your bike and adjust your pedals and handlebars. 

7. Support Your Girls
Spinning is a strenuous workout that requires jumping up and down in your seat and lots of movement. Your breast's Cooper's ligaments need support to prevent sagging, pain and damage

8. Take A Breath
Spinning is a real workout. For your first classes concentrate on breathing while you're spinning.

9. Pull Your Hair Back
You're going to sweat, and your face will probably be pointed towards the floor during parts of your workout. Put your hair in a ponytail or wear a headband to keep your hair off your face and neck.

10. Stretch
A good slow stretch before and after your spin class will help prevent sore muscles. Some instructors include the stretch as part of your class: but others don't. Arrive early enough to stretch your neck, back and leg muscles before class, and take time after to stretch out the parts you worked.

11. Set Your Own Pace
The instructor is there to help you get the most out of your workout and keep you motivated. When you're new to spinning, don't push yourself to keep up with the instructor: tell the instructor you're new to spinning and do your best but don't over do it: slow down, lower your resistance, and take a drink. 

12. Enjoy The Ride
Spinning is addictive! Yes it's a good workout, but it also releases endorphins and body-positive vibes. 

13. Come Back
One class is probably not enough to say NAY to spinning. Give it a second try at the same studio or another one. Once you master the basics of spinning, it's easy to become addicted to the workout! Spinning beginners should practice safe, smart spinning to get the best results from the workout. 

Catherine Russell is Būband's Content Manager 

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