Meet Kristin Horowitz – Official Būband Brand Ambassador

Meet official Būband Brand Ambassador Kristin Horowitz

Name: Kristin Tara Horowitz
Location:  California Central Coast
Age: 37

To say that Kristin leads a full, active and engaged life is like saying it occasionally gets a tad warm in the Sahara Desert.

The new mom (of twin girls) is the production manager for an adventure event business, which handles everything from adventure and obstacle course races to triathlons and marathons. She also runs two climbing gyms – the United States’ first non-profit bouldering gym model – which she and her husband literally built with their own hands.

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Būband provides support for Cooper's ligaments to prevent breast pain and breast sagging

Research shows fragile Cooper’s ligaments need targeted support to prevent breast sagging

Call them what you will – girls, twins, boobs, breasts – for many of us who engage in high-impact activity, we have another word for them: painful.

Scientists have long known there is a link between breast movement and breast pain, but now they’ve mapped out exactly how the breasts move, revealing precisely where they require the most support during exercise to prevent pain and damage to the Cooper’s ligaments.

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Welcome to the Būband Blog: Buband breast support bands stop boob bounce for good

Welcome to the Blog

Welcome to our first blog post!

We wanted to create this blog as another way to connect with all of you, members of the online community we’re growing every day. This blog will share stories not only about our brand, but also about issues and topics that aim to interest, inspire and empower you.
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